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DELSOL IP has developed several tools and services to help you manage your Intellectual Property by defining and implementing a tailored IP Strategy

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Audit & Due Diligence

DELSOL IP offers essential services to insuring the value of your intellectual property and protecting your business. By analyzing your portfolio and internal procedures, we can provide recommendations to improve your protection policy, while identifying risks for potential investors. Stay ahead of the game with professional guidance!

Portfolio Management

Managing a large IP portfolio can be daunting for any companies. But rationalizing your portfolio is essential to control costs, stay competitive, and avoid burdening your company's development. DELSOL IP can help you make informed decisions and optimize your IP budget.

IP Strategy

By developing an IP strategy, you can ensure the highest level of protection for your project according to your business goals. By taking into account all factors and regularly adapting to developments, you can optimize IP and boost the profitability of your innovations. We are here to help you develop then implement your own IP Strategy and form an intellectual property partnership for success.

IP Organization

Establishing an IP organization within your company is vital to maximize the profitability of your innovations. It rationalizes title portfolios, secures employee inventions and technology transfers, and enforces best practices for patent applications. We can guide you through the entire process of creating and valuing your IP assets.

IP Mapping

IP mapping is a powerful tool that can unlock valuable insights into a company's intellectual property landscape. By understanding where protections are in place, you can make informed decisions about technology transfer, licensing, and portfolio rationalization. Stay ahead of the competition and harness the power of IP mapping!

Competitor monitoring

With competitor monitoring, you can stay ahead of the game by keeping tabs on your competitors' patent procedures and technology advancements. Take proactive measures like mounting an opposition and protecting your trademarks to maintain your competitive edge. Let DELSOL IP help you stay on top!

Cross-Border Strategy

A smart cross-border strategy is essential for protecting your intellectual property rights. With careful planning, you can navigate the complex legal landscape of different countries and ensure that your creations are safeguarded wherever they go. Take control of your IP rights with DELSOL IP's expert guidance!

IP Training

A well-crafted IP strategy can make all the difference in a company's success. By properly training managers, technical teams, and creatives, you can maximize profitability and protect your creations. Let DELSOL IP guide you towards an optimal IP strategy and unlock your company's full potential.

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