DELSOL IP has developed several tools and services to help you grow faster than ever and reach your goals

The Three Complementary Axes

There is no Business without Innovation, there is no Innovation without Intellectual Property, there is no Intellectual Property without Business


We provide coaching and mentoring sessions that can be a game-changer for anyone looking to gain an edge in today's competitive business environment. By working with experienced professionals, you can gain insights and advice on everything from leadership and team management to strategy, marketing, and the recruitment of high-potential intellectual resources.


We provide coaching and mentoring sessions on Innovation as a powerful tool to help you and your team think outside the box and solve problems more effectively. You'll learn techniques for brainstorming and ideation, problem-solving frameworks, and strategies for developing creative solutions to complex challenges as well as tips for building a culture of innovation within your company.

Intellectual Property

With our intellectual property services, we help you improve the acquisition and the management of your most valuable assets: trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets. With a tailored strategy, we help you reduce the cost of your IP Rights and increase their values.

Together, we go further

DELSOL IP has developed tools and services to connect you with Experts that will guide you on the road to success

Helios Camp

Helios Camp is the ultimate incubator in the Metaverse for startups to thrive and achieve their goals. With a dynamic and inspiring environment, it provides the perfect platform for startups to grow and perform.

The Council of Wisdom

The Council of Wisdom is the ultimate artificial intelligence solution that allows you to receive advice and wisdom from the greatest leaders and achievers of all time. With a dynamic and inspiring approach, it provides the perfect platform for personal growth and success.

The Hub

Welcome to The Hub, where innovation and growth intersect. Our platform is dedicated to helping companies flourish by connecting them with a network of experienced professionals and experts. Together, let's build the future!

HIP Team

Our team of High Intellectual Potential (HIP) people is dedicated to solving industrial issues. We provide innovative solutions, harnessing the power of creativity and cutting-edge technology. With our dynamic and inspiring approach, we help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

Pitch Training

Pitch training is a transformative experience that empowers Startups to confidently convey their ideas with clarity and conviction. With guidance from Pitch and public speaking experts, participants learn to captivate audiences and get investments. Embrace the power of your voice and let your ideas take flight.

From Academic to Business

DELSOL IP has developed tools and services to help transform an academic project to a successful business


Realize your entrepreneurial dreams with our spin-off creation and management service. We provide customized support for academic projects, helping you bring your innovative ideas to market and achieve lasting success.

Technology Transfer

Bridge the gap between academia and industry with our technology transfer service. We help academic projects successfully transition to a technological company, unlocking their full potential and impact.

Some handful tools

DELSOL IP has developed tools and services to help you start or improve your journey as entrepreneur

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your company with DELSOL IP's Artificial Intelligence Solutions. Our tailored-designed tools and expert advice will optimize your revenue and inspire you to take your business to the top.


For companies, protecting their ideas is crucial to success. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) can give founders the confidence to share their innovations and inspire investors to support their vision, propelling them towards a bright and prosperous future.

Patent Attorney Tools

DELSOL IP has developed several tools and services to help you grow faster than ever and reach new clients

AI IP Legal Assistant

Unlock legal knowledge with our AI legal assistant. Designed to specialize in intellectual property law, it delivers quick answers to complex legal questions, empowering you to make informed decisions faster than ever before.

AI Patent Drafting

Elevate your patent drafting game with our AI assistant. Built to support patent attorneys, it accelerates the patent application drafting process, helping you write high-quality patents faster and with greater ease.

Patent Drafting

Revolutionize your IP firm's approach with our patent drafting consultancy. We provide tailored support for complex cases, ensuring your patent applications are of the highest quality, even in the most challenging situations.

Patent Attorney Consultant

Expand your IP firm's capabilities with our expert patent attorney consultancy. When your firm faces complex cases, we provide specialized support to help you navigate even the toughest challenges with confidence.

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