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Patent Harvesting & Design Around

Patent harvesting and design around are critical strategies for companies to create and protect their intellectual property. By proactively seeking out new inventions and designing around existing patents, companies can stay ahead of the competition and strengthen their market position. These strategies can lead to increased innovation, revenue growth, and overall business success.

Prior art research

Innovation is the key to success in today's fast-paced world. However, before applying for a patent, it is important to conduct thorough prior art research. This not only ensures that your invention is unique but also helps you understand the existing technologies in your field. With the right research, you can confidently bring your idea to life and make a significant impact in your industry. So, let's dive in and uncover the potential of prior art research!

Patentability Assessment

Patentability assessment is an essential step in turning your innovative ideas into a reality. By evaluating the novelty, usefulness, and non-obviousness of your invention, you can determine whether it meets the criteria for a patent. This process helps you identify potential challenges and opportunities, allowing you to refine your idea and create a stronger patent application. So, don't let your ideas go unnoticed – take the leap and assess your patentability today!

Patent Drafting & Filing

Patent drafting and filing can be a daunting task, but it is a crucial step in protecting your intellectual property. With the right guidance and expertise, you can navigate the complex legal requirements and create a strong patent application that secures your invention. So, whether you're an entrepreneur or an established business, take charge of your ideas and safeguard your future with a well-drafted and filed patent.

Worldwide filing & Procedure monitoring

Expanding your patent protection globally is a wise choice for any innovator looking to take their ideas to the next level. With a worldwide filing patent application and monitoring procedure, you can secure your intellectual property rights in multiple countries and maximize your potential for success. So, don't limit yourself – let your creativity flourish and protect your ideas around the world with a comprehensive filing and monitoring strategy.

Confidentiality agreement

Confidentiality agreements are a powerful tool for safeguarding your confidential information and ensuring that your business relationships are built on trust and respect. By clearly outlining the terms of your agreement, you can prevent unauthorized disclosure and protect your intellectual property from potential competitors. So, take the necessary steps to secure your ideas and build a foundation of trust with a well-drafted confidentiality agreement today!

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