DELSOL IP has developed several tools and services to help you protect your brand and increase its value

Our Services for You

Trademark validity study

Secure your trademark's success with our validity study service. We evaluate the validity of your trademark before filing, ensuring it has the best chance of success and protection in the competitive marketplace.

Trademark search

Protect your brand with our comprehensive trademark search service. We evaluate the availability of your trademark before filing, giving you peace of mind that your brand is protected and has room to grow.

Trademark registration

Elevate your brand's status with our trademark registration service. We provide comprehensive support for filing and registering your trademark, ensuring your brand is protected and has the legal foundation for long-term success.

Procedure monitoring

Stay ahead of the game with our trademark procedure monitoring service. We keep a close eye on the trademark process, providing you with updates and insights to ensure your trademark registration goes smoothly.

Usage investigation

Protect your brand's reputation with our trademark usage investigation service. We investigate potential trademark violations and ensure your brand is being used in a way that aligns with your values and goals.

Brand creation

Creating a strong brand is like crafting a masterpiece. It requires vision, creativity, and attention to detail. A well-designed brand sets you apart, builds trust, and inspires loyalty. So let your brand be a true reflection of your passion and purpose.

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