Valuation & Financial Assessment

DELSOL IP has developed several tools and services to evaluate and assess the financial value of your Intellectual Property

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Financial Evaluation

DELSOL IP has experience in financial assessment and valuation of intellectual property assets, having assisted companies with IP portfolios to value their assets for bankers, investors, and potential buyers. We use various evaluation methods, considering factors such as legal risks, protection scope, and potential economic impact.


Licensing your intellectual property rights can be a smart and profitable move. By allowing third-party operators to manufacture and operate your creations, you can expand your reach and reduce costs. DELSOL IP offers expert guidance on protection, negotiation, and drafting of licensing agreements. Let us help you realize the full potential of your intellectual property!


At the heart of any successful intellectual property project is effective negotiation. With our expert negotiation services, you can strike the right balance between sharing information and protecting your interests, ensuring a smooth and efficient partnership with your future collaborators. Let us help you achieve long-term profitability!


Agreements services play a crucial role in developing a robust intellectual property strategy. Whether it's confidentiality agreements or licensing and assignment agreements, our experienced lawyers and engineers draft these contracts daily to protect your valuable assets. Trust us to provide you with optimal legal protection.

Technology Transfer

Technology transfer services are essential for companies looking to acquire or transfer know-how and intellectual property rights. Our expertise in negotiating and drafting balanced technology transfer contracts ensures that clients can effectively implement and profit from transferred technology.

Know-How Transfer

At DELSOL IP, we understand that know-how is crucial for your company's success. We offer a range of services, including knowledge management advice and training, to help you secure and manage your valuable know-how. Our expertise in know-how transfer can also help you maximize the value of your technology transfer agreements.

Fundraising Audit

Fundraising audit services are crucial for ensuring that your company's intellectual property strategy is well thought-out and optimized for success. DELSOL IP offers expert assistance in defining priorities, managing relationships with inventors, monitoring competitors, and more. Let us help you achieve your fundraising goals!

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