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DELSOL IP can assist you the the acquisition of any kind of Intellectual Property Rights, from patent to trademark and design.

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Patents and patent applications are not just legal documents, they are the lifeblood of innovation and progress. They provide a framework for inventors and entrepreneurs to protect their ideas and turn them into reality. With a patent in hand, you can take on the world and make your mark on history. So, dream big, think outside the box, and let your imagination run wild!


Trademarks are the cornerstone of brand identity, empowering companies to establish unique and recognizable symbols that distinguish them from their competitors. In a world where first impressions matter, a trademark can be the difference between standing out or lending in. So let your creativity fire up, and create a trademark that embodies your brand's essence and captures the hearts of your customers!


Design is the first thing that captures our attention. Protecting it is crucial for any business or individual seeking to distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace. Registering a design can safeguard against imitation and piracy, and help to build brand identity. By protecting your unique design, you can stand out and inspire others with your creativity.


Copyrights protect creative works, including music, literature, and art. It's essential to recognize the value of intellectual property, as it encourages the creation of new and exciting works. With copyright protection, artists and creators can ensure that their work is recognized and fairly compensated. Let's continue to champion creativity and innovation with strong copyright laws.

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In today's digital world, software is a valuable asset for any business, making it crucial to protect it using Intellectual Property (IP) rights such as patents. Patents can safeguard software innovations and prevent competitors from copying them, ensuring a competitive advantage. Protect your software, and let your innovation lead the way!

Deep Tech

Deep Tech innovations are game-changers in the tech industry. Protecting them with Intellectual Property rights is crucial to ensuring their long-term success. Patents provide strong protection for Deep Tech innovations, enabling innovators to secure their market position, attract investment, and prevent competitors from copying their ideas. Let's protect and encourage innovation with IP rights!

Web 3

Web 3 technologies like Metaverse, Blockchain, and NFTs are rapidly growing and evolving. Protecting your innovations through Intellectual Property rights like patents is crucial to stand out in this dynamic industry. It ensures exclusivity and encourages investment, ultimately driving the growth of your Web 3 project. Let's innovate and secure our digital future together.

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